IAMS™ Minichunks Chicken & Whole Grains Recipe Adult Super Premium Dog Food 40 lb. Bag

• Promotes strong muscles with quality protein.• Maintains healthy digestion with a blend of fiber and prebiotics.• Supports strong immune system with antioxidants. Why IAMS Minichunks Recipe? Not all dogs are the same, so why feed them the same generic food? The IAMS brand understands that adult dogs have unique needs, too. That's why we've crafted our IAMS Minichunks recipe with a tailored blend of natural fiber and prebiotics to support healthy digestion, and quality protein to promote strong muscles. With this premium tailored recipe, you can be confident that your dog will always be at their best, today and every day. Look for the IAMS difference. Adult 1+ Look for the IAMS™ Difference. Veterinarians Recommend IAMS