Independence Coffee Coffee, Espresso Roast, Laughing Donkey, Single Serve Cup

2.0 compatible. Indie shot. For traditional single serve brewers. Go local. Go Texan. Go fresh. Old School Roasting meets Fresh Technology: When Christi and I decided to enter the single serve coffee and tea market, we asked ourselves this question: How can we blend, roast, package and ship our coffees & teas fresh while at the same time benefitting the environment? The answer came with a proprietary single serve cup that allowed us to blend, grind, package and ship our coffees & teas within hours of the roasting process. We maintain complete control of every Indi Shot that we product. We think that's pretty cool! The end result is our tried and true old school roasting & blending process that incorporates the latest and greatest technology that is fresh, aromatic and tastefully good for the environment. The Indie Shot Difference: More aroma. Better extraction. More flavor. Coffee & Tea - Revisited: This is where it all started. An old barn on our family homestead, Blackie (our 1948 delivery truck), five bags of high grown Arabica coffee beans, a much prized Turkish made coffee roasted and a passion to create the best coffee experience possible. Not a lot has change in the process since then. Our coffees don't sit in a warehouse for weeks or months. We roast, we package, we ship we deliver. No fancy computer-aided roasting equipment tot ell us when each batch has met its profile. We let our eyes, nose, ears and our taste-buds tell us when. This is old school roasting at its best! Know that whether this fine coffee originated in Colombia, Guatemala, Indonesia or any other growing region, it has been carefully roasted to perfection. We hope you enjoy this very personal roast. - Ragan Bond, Roaster. Savor your independence! Check us out on Facebook & Twitter. For more information contact: Independence Coffee Co. PO Box 28 Brenham, Texas 77834. Blend/Roast. Drink. Recycle. Please recycle!