Independence Coffee Coffee, Ground, Central & South American, Early Wine Breakfast Blend

100% Arabica world coffee. Flavored coffees contain natural and/or artificial flavoring. Texas roasted! Thanks for supporting our family-owned business. Coffee - revisted. This is where it all started. An old barn on our family homestead, Blackie (our 1948 delivery truck), five 152 pound bags of high grown Arabica coffee beans, a much prized Turkish-made roaster and a passion to create the best coffee experience possible. Not a lot has changed in the process since then. No fancy computer-aided roasting equipment to tell us when each batch has met its peak profile. We let our eyes, nose, ears and our taste buds tell us when. This is old school roasting at its best. As you join us on this journey coffee, please feel free to contact us with questions. We sincerly hope that you enjoy this very personal roast! Ragan Bond, roaster. Save your independence and grind true! Go Texan. Community involvement and social responsibility. From our first roast, our commitment to giving back has always included a comprehensive pan to help better our local community while establishing a footprint in the national and global sectors. Independence Coffee Co. is a Go Texan, fair trade and whole trade certified roaster. As we grow, so will our focus on giving back to those n need. To find out more, please visit us online at: