Iq Bar Protein Bar, Almond Butter Chip

12 g plant-based protein, less than 1 g sugar and 3 g net carbs. Net Carbohydrate Calculation: 17 g total carbs - 8 g fiber - 6 g allulose = 3 g net carbs. 6 g Allulose (a zero-glycemic-index carb) aren't shown in the Nutrition Facts panel to the left. They're a component of total carbs that is subtracted to arrive at Net Carbs. Keto. Vegan. Soy-free. Gluten free. Dairy free. Paleo friendly. No sugar alcohols. Non-GMO. Plant based. 6 brain nutrients. Eat. Hustle. Repeat. Learn More & Follow Us: (at)eatiqbar. Learn More & Follow Us: & (at)eatiqbar. Ask Questions / Give Feedback: Email us any time or text Iqbarhelp to 29071.