Java Beans & Joe Coffee Coffee, Whole Bean, Low-Acid Espresso, Med-Dark Roast

100% whole bean. Dear Coffee Lover, If you enjoy a cup of coffee with a rich flavor and smooth, full body, yet low in acidity with sweet hints of cocoa, this one's for you! Sip Joyfully, Java Beans & Joe. Low-Acid Espresso: Java Beans & Joe is love for all things coffee, travel and an experience that reaches your soul at first sip. We share with you our Low Acid Espresso. Good acids lend these African and South American beans their incredible flavor and aroma, while a delicate, natural steaming process preserves their integrity. The result is a uniquely pleasing cup of coffee that is low in acid and easy on the stomach. Cup features boast; rich flavor; smooth, full body with hints of Cocoa; and a sweet bouquet. Deliciously rewarding any way you brew! Nitrogen flushed to ensure maximum freshness. Printed on recycled paper. Origin of Beans: South America. Africa.