Just Coffee Co Op Coffee, Honduras, Revolution Roast

Dark, complex, smoky. 100% fair trade. Certified organic. Certified Organic: MOSA. Single origin. Honduras. At Just Coffee Co Op we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Since 2002, justice has been our durable promise - to every hand we shake and every bean we roast. We do justice from the grounds up. Meet the farmers and co-ops that grew this coffee, see what we paid those farmers, and get to know us at justcoffee.coop. We did justice to these beans now it's your turn. Brew and enjoy. Since the start we've done business the right way. Certifications and stamps of approval are not enough. We do it for the satisfaction of building relationships between small-scale farmers, their communities, our Co-Op, our customers, and our community. Doing justice to beans and beings. Is our durable promise. That's who we are. That's who we'll always be. Roasted by: Just Coffee Co-Op. Fair trade is not a brand name. For more brewing tips & methods, visit our website at justcoffee.coop/brewing. This bag was manufactured and printed in the USA.