Kingsford Hardwood Blend Pellets, Cherry, Fruity & Sweet 20 lb

Some grillers prefer a delicate smoke to complement their food.Grilling with Kingsford 100% Natural Hardwood Blend Pellets brings you authentic Cherrywood smoked flavor from all-natural American hardwood. Kingsford 100% Natural Hardwood Blend Pellets deliver excellent performance in all pellet grills, including Pit Boss and Traeger. Made in the USA, our Kingsford 100% Natural Hardwood Blend Pellets for grilling contain no artificial flavors, binders, dyes, chemical additives or oils. The fruity and sweet flavor of cherry adds a delicate smoke flavor to any protein or vegetable, and pairs perfectly with pork ribs dishes. These Kingsford grilling pellets come in a conveniently sized 20-pound bag. One pound of grilling pellets lasts approximately one hour at low heat and about 30 minutes at high heat depending on the grill manufacturer and outdoor conditions. Our grill pellets are an easy way to add bold, smoky wood flavor to any meal. Trust Kingsford for real wood flavor made easy.