Lakewood Organic Fruit Garden Fruit & Vegetable Blend, Red Pomegranate

A delicious blend of 19 fruits and vegetables. USDA organic. Promote heart health; reduce the risk of stroke; urinary track health (UTI's); maintain healthy cholesterol. Modern research confirms that vegetable and fruit juices contain a wide range of micro-nutrients which are essential for improving and maintaining good health. No supplement alone can provide the important complex nutrients found in a variety of fruit and vegetable juices. A diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables containing natural fiber, and significant amounts of Phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, flavonoids and lycopene may have positive effects and play a significant role in reducing the risk favors related to heart disease, certain types of cancer, ulcers, and UTI's (urinary tract infections). These nutrients are also associated with improving memory functions, promoting healthy levels of cholesterol, supporting the immune system and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. 8 full servings of vegetables & fruits in every bottle. USDA Dietary Guidelines for a 2000 calorie diet recommend nine 4 oz servings of vegetables/fruit per day. Lakewood quality since 1935. We believe there is no equal. In appreciation of our customers, the Lakewood Family donates 10% of the proceeds from the sale of this product to organizations such as the Environmental Educational Charitable Foundation. Gluten free. Casein free. GMO free. Certified organic vegetables and fruit, grown and harvested in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program (no synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticides or growth regulators). All Lakewood juices are pressed, pasteurized and bottled in certified organic facilities. Certified organic by Quality Certification Services; Florida Organic Growers and Consumers.