Levant Falafel Chips, Original

Snack foods. Taste the Mediterranean. Gluten free. All natural. Cholesterol free. 0 g of trans fat. Vegetarian. Certified gluten-free. Made from a traditional old world recipe of ground chickpeas and fava beans with a light, savory taste. The old world chip that's perfect in our new world. Although Levant Falafel Chips are brand new, their Middle Eastern lineage goes back thousands of years where creating delicious foods with healthy vegetables and unique combinations of natural spices is a well known and deeply honored tradition. Falafel, a name derived from the Arabic word for nourishment, is just such a food. It is a Middle Eastern staple ground from fresh fava beans and chickpeas. Fava beans and chickpeas are highly nutritious and hearty with a long tradition of cultivation in Old World culture, having become part of the Eastern Mediterranean diet in 6000 BC or earlier. Today, falafel is a popular fast food in Mediterranean countries, typically served in a pita bread sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and tahini as an appetizer. So you may identify our special chips from other snacks, we have named them Levant. Levant is a word that traditionally describes the Eastern Mediterranean region. Enjoy the unique tastes of Levant authentic Mediterreanean Falafel Chips, their versatility of use as snacks or with dips and their vast depth of nutritional qualities - from all natural, to gluten free/cholesterol free and no trans fat. Levant Falafel Chips - The old world chip that's perfect in our new world. www.levantsnacks.com. Made in USA.