Lundberg Organic Brown Rice, Medium Grain, Golden Rose

A premium medium grain rice. Purity you can taste. Gluten free. USDA organic. Lundberg Organic Golden Rose Brown Rice is a perfect balance between a long grain and a short grain rice. Prized for its delicious taste and texture, Golden Rose is a popular, healthful everyday table rice which offers the benefits of whole grain. From the field to your plate. In 1937 Albert and Frances Lundberg packed up their four boys and moved from Nebraska to California's Sacramento Valley to escape the Dustbowl. After having seen some of the world's best topsoil blow away, Albert was determined to farm in a way that sustained the soil and the surrounding ecology. He imparted his conservation ethic to his sons - Eldon, Wendell, Harlan and Homer, who founded Lundberg Family Farms and pioneered organic rice growing. Today, the family continues their environmental commitment by utilizing eco-friendly farming methods such as crop rotation and nitrogen-fixing cover crops for soil enrichment, practicing water-conserving irrigation, providing valuable habitat for the migrating waterfowl, and utilizing clean, renewable energy. We are dedicated to being stewards of our environment and our commitment continues to grow with every grain of rice. Non GMO project verified. Certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).