Marley Beverage Co Mellow Mood Green Tea Honey

Marley Beverage Co Mellow Mood™ Green Tea Honey. Relaxation drink. Live love. Decaffeinated & naturally flavored. 15.5 fl oz (459 ml). The natural herbal ingredients in this product have been specially blended to mellow your mood, and may cause drowsiness. Bob Marley™. Right of Publicity and Person Rights. Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Ltd. Relax enjoying our soothing green tea brewed with a hint of sweet honey. Made with our signature relaxation blend, Mellow Mood was crafted to help lighten your mood and refresh you to your best self. No artificial: Sweeteners. Flavors. Colors. Relaxation blend 80mg/can†. Chamomile flower extract, lemon balm extract, valerian root extract, hops extract, passionflower extract. Please recycle. Gluten free. Chill with us at ©2015 Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Ltd.