McCormick Griller's Choice Beef Marinade Mix 1.12 oz

McCormick® Grill Mates® Griller’s Choice Marinade pouches with 3 recipes – our grilling experts bring you epic flavor options in this steak marinade. With Griller’s Choice Beef Marinade Mix, it’s your choice – do you feel like having Garlic Asian, Sweet & Savory or Steakhouse beef tonight? Flavor steak your way. For Garlic Asian marinade, add soy sauce; for Sweet & Savory marinade, add cola and brown sugar; for Steakhouse marinade, add Worcestershire sauce (we recommend French’s®). Marinate 2 lbs. meat for 30 minutes then grill for a steak dinner with bold flavor. It’s all about versatility – choose a sweet marinade one night then a spicy marinade for weekend grilling. Our grilling marinade mixes are expertly blended with McCormick® spices to take your outdoor cooking to the next level.