Monteli Pizza, Organic, Tuscan Garden

Pizza with broccoli, mushrooms and red onions. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by ICEA-E 1671. No GMO ingredients. Free from: Monteli Pizzas are not genetically modified through the use of modern biotechnology and free from: high fructose corn syrup; hydrogenated oils; artificial colors flavors and preservatives. No cheese. Wood Fired Oven: Baking in a wood fired oven makes for delicious flavors and an authentic Italian experience. Long Leavening: Leavened for 24 hours for a crispy and flavorful lightness. Fresh water from the Dolomites. A taste of Italy. The taste of our pizza carries you to the Italian village of Monteli, where our founder Eduardo Roncadin opened his pizzeria. It immediately became a local staple, thanks to his secret family recipes. The genuine deliciousness of the ingredients and the loving care he infused in all of his work. Many years have passed since then, but the magic goes on. That's why his son Dario has now decided to let the whole world taste the difference: our unique mixture of flour; the long 24 hours leavening and the very same genuine ingredients we have always chosen, keep on leaving their mark - with every bite! A slice of Roncadin pizza is a slice of Italian goodness just for you. Buon appetito! - Eduardo. 100% Green Energy: Monteli pizzas are made using only 100% solar power and certified renewable energy. Product of Italy.