Nauzene Nausea Relief, Wild Cherry Flavor, Chewable Tablets

No drowsiness. No aspirin. Salicylate-free. No gluten ingredients. Doctor recommended. New look! With Electrolyte S-10 (Electrolyte-S10 is Alva-Amco's trade name for sodium citrate dihydrate). 4 minute formula (In laboratory tests, Nauzene reaches 99% of its acid neutralizing ability within 4 minutes) prompt relief. Questions? 1-800-792-2582. Same quality product. Nauzene for Upset Stomach & Nausea, Wild Cherry Flavor. Other information: Sodium content: 60 mg/tablet. Contents Sealed: Each round pink Nauzene Chewable tablet bears the identifying mark Alva and is sealed in a clear plastic blister with a foil backing. Slight red speckling may occur over time. Note: Nauzene is not intended as a substitute for a balanced nutritional diet or as an electrolyte replenishment. You may report serious side effects to the phone number provided under questions? 1-800-792-2582.