Nicas Coffee, Ground, Dark Roast, Nicaraguan Supremo

It's a tradition that evolves in our time! With over three generations of coffee growers, our family has been passionately producing coffee that has been carefully cultivated from start to finish. Harvested in our rainforest, where our expert workers pick only the ripest beans, following strict quality controls from our plantations to your final product. Our coffee is shade grown, washed, sun-dried, and manually sorted using the grown, washed, sun-dried, and manually sorted using the great tradition and experience of our people who have worked by our side since the beginning. Nicaragua Country of Lakes and volcanoes. Located in the heart of Central America, this tropical paradise is surrounded by two oceans with enormous lakes and astonishing volcanoes, creating the precise conditions for the growth of our high quality coffee. Because of these unique conditions, expert Baristas describe our coffee as uniquely and perfectly balanced. Follow us on. Instagram. Facebook: Nica's Coffee. (hashtag)enjoynicascoffee. Phone: (505) 2775 4820. Sustainably-grown. Source roasted.