North Star Trading Coffee, Premium, Single Serve Brew Cups, Variety Pack

Breakfast Blend: Light/balanced; light roast. Donut Shop: Mild/smooth; medium roast. 100% Colombian: Richer/full-bodied; medium roast. French Roast: Fuller body/balanced; dark roast. 80 single serve brew cups. For use in all single serve brewing systems, including Keurig 2.0. 20 cups of each roast. Discover quality. 100% Arabica coffee. Breakfast Blend: Awaken the day with this aromatic coffee. It's perfectly balanced with an incredibly smooth finish. Donut Shop: A classic coffee that is mild, smooth and sure to please in every sip. 100% Colombian: From the origin of Colombia we offer this lively, bright and very satisfying coffee. French Roast: Velvety body with a soft, smoky flavor, intensely rich but always smooth.