Odwalla 100% Juice, Passionita Margarita

Seasonal. Flavored juice blend. 100% juice blend of pear, coconut water, prickly pear, passion fruit, orange, lime and apple juices/purees from concentrate with other natural flavors and ingredients. 100% juice blend. 190 calories per bottle. Vegan. Gluten free. No added sugar (Not a reduced calorie food, see nutrition facts for sugar and calorie content). Pasteurized. Non GMO. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. What's inside? Juice of 1-3/4 pears; 1/4 cup of coconut water; slice of prickly pear; juice of 1 passion fruit; juice of 1/4 orange; splash of lime. www.odwalla.com. 1-800-odwalla (639-2552). Do not reuse. Please recycle.