Okocat Litter, Super Soft

No GMOs. A healthier clean. Next generation plant-based litter. Clumping litter for delicate paws. Stops odor before it starts. Clumps solid easy scooping. 99% dust free healthy home. No artificial fragrance. No synthetic chemicals. No toxic dyes. Next generation performance leaves old school clay and chemicals in the dust. Made entirely from sustainably sourced, responsibly rescued natural wood fiber, Okocat offers the brilliance of European engineering for a better performing litter. Natural wood fiber absorbs liquid on contact. Stops Odor: Wood fiber naturally prevents enzyme from bonding with liquid & waste to stop the creation of ammonia & odor. Easy-clean clumping without synthetic chemical binders. Clumps Solid: Precision-cut fiber absorbs liquid on contact to form solid clumps for easy scooping & cleaning. Low airborne dust for a healthier home. 99% Dust Free: Clean wood fiber is screened & de-dusted for a cleaner pour. No dirty clay dust. Clean & healthy changes. Leave the dirt outside, and make the choice to switch to a superior natural litter that's cleaner and healthier for your cat, family and home. oko is German for eco or ecological. (hashtag)bebetterthanclay. Wood works naturally. 100% sustainably sourced, responsibly rescued. No synthetic chemicals or toxic additives. Free from powdery clay dust. Can't claim clean. Strip-mined material that disrupts our earth's ecosystem. Contains calcium or sodium bentonite, additives & fragrances. Dirty & dusty. 2.6 million+ tons goes to landfills every year. Litter that lasts lnger. S: 8.4 lbs. M: 11.2 lbs. L: 16.7 lbs. Use less. Spend less. Clean less. Fast and furious absorption means no liquid ever gets to the bottom of the litter box. Clumps rise to the top for easy scooping! With regular scooping, litter can last up to 7 weeks. This Box of Okocat Should Last: 1 Cat: S: 2 months; M: 2-1/2 months; L: 4 months; 2 Cats: S: 1 month; M: 1-1/2 months; L: 3 months. Okocat super soft litter is purrfect for cats with sensitive paws or even kittens. Its super soft texture is similar to clay, so transitioning your cat to a clean & healthier natural choice is a snap. You love your cat, but you're over dirty, dusty, chemical-ridden clay or smelly food type litters. Switch to a healthier clean. Natural odor control. Easy-clean clumping. Low airborne dust. Naturally lightweight. Doesn't attract bugs. Biodegradable & flushable (Okocat is flushable in well-maintaned septic systems. It is important to only flush one or two small scoops of litter at a time. Never put large amounts of litter in the toilet. Check with your local and state regulations before flushing into a public or septic system. Healthy Pet will not be responsible for damages resulting from misuse of its products. healhy-pet.com/flushable). Sustainably sourced. No synthetic chemicals artificial fragrance. Sustainably Matters: Healthy Pet utilizes sustainably sourced, responsibly rescued materials, free from synthetic chemicals and other pollutants, and we've been doing it proudly for 30 years. Active. Happy. Natural. Healthy Pet Promise: We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you aren't completely satisfied, return it! For complete details visit healthy-pet.com/promise. healthy-pet.com. Okocause 4 Paws: Supporting adoptions and changing the world one litter box at a time. healhy-pet.com/okocause4paws. Less mess. Original. Super soft. Featherweight. Dust free. Biodegradable naturally. Please recycle. Made in USA.