Old Croc Australian Cheese Croc Bites Sharp Cheddar Cheese Snacks - 8 CT

A bold snacking adventure. From the land down under! No hormones added. Made with milk from grass-fed cows. All natural. Australian cheese. Australian cheese with a delightfully bold bite. Vintage 9+ months. Individually wrapped pieces. Careful. It bites! Prepare your taste buds for an exciting snacking adventure from the land down under. Croc Bites are the irresistible, on-the-go cheese snack with a delightfully bold bite. All natural Australian sharp white cheddar Croc Bites are a delicious and nutritious snack - anytime, anywhere! Aged minimum 9 months for a rich, bold taste. All natural with no added hormones. Crafted with milk from grass-fed cows. An excellent source of calcium. Only 90 calories per piece. (No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST treated and non-rBST treated cows.) Visit oldcroccheese.com for recipes, pairing and snacking ideas. Facebook: Find us on Facebook. Imported from Australia.