Old London Waffle Snacks, Cheddar

Tasty cheese sandwiches. Made with real cheese. When should you eat waffle snacks? Snacks, lunches, parties, late night, anytime! Available in cheddar and swiss! Attention cheese fanatics, better get another box! Warning waffle snacks are totally addictive! Old London Waffle Snacks. Nothing short of a totally unique, out of the box experience. It's good to eat about 8 Waffle Snacks. It's better to eat about 15 Waffle Snacks. It's best to eat an entire box of Waffle Snacks! Where should you eat Waffle Snacks? In your car, on the train, at the office-anywhere! Waffle Snacks are a cheese lover's favorite because of their delicious, cheesy-cheese flavor. The zesty, real cheese filling is sandwiched between crispy toasted waffles in a unique bite size shape perfect for eating by the handful! The story behind the snack. Did you know that Waffle Snacks are made from real waffle batter in tiny waffle irons? They're filled with zesty, real cheese and pressed into bite-size sandwiches, creating the one of a kind, delicious taste of Waffle Snacks. The zesty, cheesy taste and big crunch will keep you coming back for more and more and more!