Olde Cape Cod Oyster Crackers

Trans fat free. All natural. Soup & chowder. Exclusively baked by Westminster Crackers. Established 1828. The restaurant crackers you love! The oven-baked soup and chowder crackers that make you say: the best oyster crackers I've ever eaten! Each little oyster cracker is perfectly light and puffy. Float them on soups and chowders. Each one is a raft of Olde Cape Cod flavor! The taste! The crunch! Our authentic recipe captures true New England flavor in each little cracker. Olde Cape Cod proudly has our crackers baked in the ovens of the famous Westminster Cracker Company - baked with the same care and attention created in 1828. Now Olde Cape Cod brings these fantastic crackers to you. All natural, no preservatives, no cholesterol, no sugar, low in fat, low in salt, trans fat free. Made in USA.