Omron Max Power Relief Tens

TENS therapy pain relief. Doctor Recommended. Treats multiple body pains. Relieves chronic, acute (Acute pain refers to sore or achy muscle due to strain from exercise or normal household and work activities) & arthritic pan. 2x the power (Compared to Omron pocket pain pro). Durable pads for up to 150 uses. 9 preset modes; 15 intensity levels; Drug-free. Contents: Max Power Relief unit with soft pouch, removable belt clip, 2 AAA Batteries, 2 long life pads, (1 standard pair), pad holder, electrode cords, instruction manual, quick start guide/pad placement guide. The Makers of the (hashtag)1 Doctor and Pharmacist recommended brand of blood pressure monitors. Treats multiple body pain locations; shoulder, lower back, arm, foot, shoulder, leg (calf), joint (knee & elbow) or customize your treatment with 3 unique massage-like modes: tap, knead, rub. Pain relief experts for over 20 years. Long life pads. Reusable, Washable, Durable Pads for up to 150 uses. Pads are for single patient use only. 1 year guarantee (Main unit only). Questions? 1-800-634-4350 Made in China.