One Degree Organic Foods Cereal, Honey O's

New! Every ingredient has a story. Sprouted khorasan. Your purchase supports BeeSmart School Garden Kit - Pollinator Partnership. USDA organic. Sprouted grains. Sweetened with organic honey. Ingredient Story: Meet some good natured grains with simple stories to tell. Scan the code to discover the source of each ingredient in this cereal. Of good conscience. Delicious! Traceable! Think inside the box. Scan the QR code to trace every single ingredient in this box - from khorasan wheat to pure raw honey. Save a Flower - Buy Organic! Organic farming is friendly to bees, and bees sure need more friends these days. By rejecting chemicals, organic farmers keep the environment healthy for bees and bee-lovers alike. And raising bees using organic principles does even more to keep them safe. The organic raw honey in this cereal is from the Wolfe Honey Company in northern Alberta, Canada, where honeybees scout endless horizons or pristine clover fields, and have plenty of pesticide-free flowers and fruits to pollinate. Meet the actual beekeeper who contributed Canada's finest organic honey to your cereal. Scan or click to see the story. Online or on your smart phone, watch company founder Gilbert Wolfe tell the story of these gentle bees and their world-famous raw light organic honey. One thing you'll discover is that Gilbert's bees are never exposed to chemicals of any kind during the production process. The honey is raw, with no heat treatment, and pure, with nothing added to dilute or sweeten. In addition to using the most bee-friendly honey we could find, One Degree is donating a portion of Organic Sprouted Khorasan Honey O's sales to the Pollinator Partnership's BeeSmart School Garden Kit program, a fun initiative that connects kids with the natural world around them, inspiring young minds to plant habitat gardens that attract and sustain honeybees. Like you, we believe nature cannot truly be in balance until bees return to where we know they belong - floating above blossoms in spring, buzzing inside cotton shirts in summer, busily knitting together the tapestry of life in gardens, orchards and fields. Honey: Gilbert Wolfe Guy, Alberta Canada. Khorasan Wheat: Dwayne Woolhouse Assiniboia, Saskatchewan Canada. Brown Rice: Diego Menendez Chajari, Entre Rios Argentina. A New Dimension in Healthy Food: Transparency: You have the power to trace every ingredient. Accountability: Our farmers are proud of their harvests, and never anonymous. Certified Organic: Free of harmful pesticides and herbicides. Veganic: Cultivated without animal-based fertilizers - a new higher standard. Non-GMO: We've never once thought about improving nature's designs! Raw Organic Honey: No chemicals, no corn syrup, just a pure golden treasure fit for a queen. Ancient Grains: Long before there was hybridized wheat, khorasan thrived in the ancient world. Enjoy it here with pure, wholesome brown rice. Why We Sprout Our Grains: When a grain begins to sprout, extraordinary things happen. The plant begins to make a wealth of proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants available. The result is improved digestibility, bioavailability of nutrients, elevated GABA in brown rice - and a surprising burst of flavor. This product is third-party certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). Certified organic - Quality Assurance International. 100% recycled paperboard. Whole Grain: 38 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. Recycle me! Carton made from 100% recycled paperboard.