Optimum Defy Breakage No Lye Relaxer with Whipped Oil Moisturizer Regular

Optimum Defy Breakage No-Lye Relaxer with Whipped Oil Moisturizer Regular. SoftSheen-Carson®. Salon haircare. 90% Less breakage for stronger, smoother hair. One application or two retouches. Exclusive salon haircare at home. 90% Less breakage.* With patented strengthening ceramide, and coconut oil, defy breakage relaxer kit helps replenish moisture for smooth, healthy-looking hair. Supreme conditioning infused at every step, before, during and after relaxing. 1. Protective pre-treatment. 2. Conditioning relaxer cream. 3. Activator. 4. Neutralizing shampoo. 5. Reconstructor treatment. 6. Leave-in strengthener. 7. Whipped oil moisturizer. *Optimum salon haircare kit reduces breakage vs. separately sold relaxer and neutralizing shampoo. This kit contains: Protective pre-treatment. Conditioning relaxer crème. Activator. Neutralizing shampoo. Reconstructor treatment. Leave-in strengthener. Whipped oil moisturizer. Wooden spatula. Instruction sheet. Plastic gloves. www.softsheen-carson.com. Questions/Comments Please call us toll-free in the US: 1-800-442-4643.