Organic Valley Milk Lowfat 1% Organic - 4 CT

Organic Valley® Organic 1% Milkfat Lowfat Milk. Produced without antibiotics. Synthetic hormones or pesticides. Family of farms. UHT - Grade A. Vitamins A&D. USDA organic. 4 individual packages. 4-8 fl oz cartons (1 quart) 946 ml. People! For games & fun. Check out our website @ A, 8 hours a day. That's almost 30,000 chews! Hey Mom & Dad, The Earth Dinner™ creativity cards offer more fun like this, and give your family & friends a great way to celebrate the connection between our food, the earth, and each other. Go to to learn how you can host an Earth Dinner. Download free earth dinner™ creativity cards, guaranteed to spark hours of laughter, stories and inspiration. Oregon Tilth certified organic. 1-888-444-milk. Processed and packaged at plant stamped above. This milk is UHT processed for longer shelf life and can, be stored unrefrigerated. For best state serve cold. Fun! Games! Learning! Meet ovie the earthworm! Kids, log onto our website & visit ovie's underground: Meet farmers. Tour Anna's farm. Milk a cow. Play the farm search game. Send your friends a postcard. Processed and packaged at the plant stamped on the bottom. The average. Cow chews her cud. See bottom panel for the answer. A, 8 hours a day. B, 12 hours a day. C, 2 hours a day. D, 5 hours a day.