Primal Kitchen Mayo with Avocado Oil

Primal Kitchen™ Mayo with Avocado Oil. Paleo approved. Real mayonnaise made with avocado oil. Soy & canola free. Cage-free eggs. Sugar free. 12 fl oz (355 ml). The Evolution of Sauces: My philosophy is simple: every bite of food you eat should be both delicious and healthful. I created Primal Kitchen™ because in the world of real-food eating, veggies and meat can become pretty boring without sauces. Yet most contain harmful fats, sugars and artificial ingredients for "taste." I'm doing things differently: No more sacrificing flavor for health-and no offensive ingredients allowed! I'm on a mission to make healthy eating easy and exciting by creating the world's best-tasting, nutrient-dense sauces & dressings. Primal & paleo approved - Nothing synthetic or artificial. Real-food ingredients only. Dairy free. Gluten & grain free - Vinegar derived from beets. Non GMO Project Verified. Questions Call 1-888-774-6259. Visit: