Puracy Laundry Detergent, HE, Free & Clear

96 loads. Natural 10x. Plant-powered performance. Over 1,000 reviews. Best natural liquid laundry detergent. Business insider. Cleaner, fresher clothes without nasty chemials. Safe for those with sensitivities. No B.S.: no sulfates, bleach, brighteners, or others (at) pur.ac/bs. Plant-based rockstars. 4 Enzymes target the source. Protease: Proteins (grass, blood, meat, egg). Amylase: Starches (toamto sauce, chocolate syrup). Lipase: Oils (grease, sweat, salad dressing, lipstick). Mannanase: Food & Cosmetics (ice cream, makeup, soup). Works Great On: Clothing; linens; silk; dark & white frabrics; wool; fitness gear; cloth diapers; delicates; & other washable fabrics. Every bottle sold supports charity, artists, and conversation. Learn more (at) puracy.com. Now (at) Target. Certified cruelty-free. Proudly Made in America (MA).