Racconto Elbows

Macaroni product made from 100% number 1 durum wheat semolina. Est 1973. All natural ingredients. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed. No 37. For recipes and other information, please visit our web site at www.racconto.com. If you write or email us about this product, please include the UPC code and the production code number printed or embossed close to the upc symbol. For centuries the Naples region of Italy has employed perfect soil and climate conditions; ideal for growing quite possibly the world's finest hard amber durum wheat. This premium wheat blended with natural spring water are the only ingredients of Racconto's classic recipe - no additives, no artificial coloring and no enrichments. The result is a pasta with exceptional texture and consistency, a pasta that will always cook al dente. From the Italian countryside to your table - Racconto - an authentic Italian tradition. Grazie and buon appetito! Imported from Italy.