Rebbl Coconut-Milk Elixir, Organic, Spicy Chai, Ashwagandha

Craft brewed assam & ayurvedic spices. Super herb powered. Dairy free. Soy free. Ethically sourced. Righteous plant alchemy. Soulfully crafted. USDA organic. In the beginning, the plant queendom was the ultimate healer - her super herb magic revered and respected. Over the last few centuries some of her best secrets faded almost to obscurity. If we hold one fervent belief, it's that the time has come to celebrate, share and reunite with these eternal botanical treasures. We have found our purpose. Welcome to Rebbl. With love, - Palo, Co-founder & Sheryl, CEO. Ashwagandha Chai: In Ayurveda, ashwagandha is one of only a handful of substances bestowed with a classification of rasayana - literally meaning that which enters the essence. Its energy is so balanced that it is believed to build strength and vitality under all conditions. Our extract is produced according to strict vedic preparation principles and blended with assam, ayurvedic spices, and creamy coconut-milk. Fit-Body Fats [Coconut MCTs]: MCTs (Medium chain triglycerides) from coconut are the famed fit-body fats that support an efficient metabolism, providing a sustained source of smooth, clean energy. Ashwagandha Extract [10:1]: 650 mg [whole herb bioactive equivalent: 6500 mg]: Caffeine [approximate]: 60-80 mg. Total MCTs: 4.7 g. No carrageenan. No gellan gum. No cane sugar. No agave syrup. No grains. Non-GMO. Vegan. Rebbl and Not for Sale partner with a vision to eradicate human trafficking through impact sourcing. 2.5% of the net sales of this bottle go back to NFS. Certified organic by Organic Certifiers. BPA free.