Crafted slowly for excellence. Italy's preferred premium pasta (Survey carried out in June 201 by BVA Doxa, an italian leading company in Market research, among 500 italian consumers of the online Roamler Community). Sliced fresh for clean edges. Bronze cut. Oven ready or classic method. Rummo Lasagne No. 83 have the wavy edges of lasagne traditionally made in Southern Italy during Carnival for the preparation of rich timbales made with pasta and meat. The clean edges and precise uniformity of each fresh-sliced sheet of pasta heighten your dish's aesthetic appeal. The rough surface absorbs flavor while the undulating edges-crisp and caramelize during baking, for results that are delectable, comforting and well loved-with or without a celebration. The Philosophy of Taste: We believe Pasta is a fundamental part of our country's culture. We respect its vital role in the extreme pleasure Italians derive from truly good food, regional specialties, and local excellence. Our exclusive method, Lenta Lavorazione, allows us to make an unparalleled pasta that lets you experience the craftsmanship and attention to detail that are hallmarks of Italian culinary tradition. - Cosino Rummo.