Road's End Organics Dairy Free Shells & Cheese Cheddar Style Organic Pasta Dinner

Road's End Organics® Dairy Free Cheddar Style Shells & Chreese®. Organic pasta dinner. Soy free. Lactose free. Cholesterol free. USDA organic. Vegan, V. Healthy benefits: Delicious. Vegan. No animal products. Soy & nut free. No egg. No whey or casein. No Candida albicans. 0g trans fat. Certified organic. Lactose free. Cholesterol free. Good source of B12. No saturated fat. The great taste of childhood all grown up! Why do we call our cheese alternatives Chreese® (Sounds like "trees"). All of our ingredients are plant-based, like trees. This package is made from 100% recycled paperboard. No trees were chopped down to produce it. Organic ingredients are farmed without the use of synthetic chemicals. This helps preserve soil and groundwater and allows plants, animals and trees to thrive!! Try all these great items from Road's End Organics®: (GF = gluten free). Organic pasta dinners. Penne & Chreese® (GF). Alfredo Mac & Chreese® (GF). Shells & Chreese®. 123-ABC's & Chreese®. Mac & Chreese®. Gravy Mixes (GF). Golden, savory herb & shiitake mushroom. Chreese® packets (GF). Alfredo & cheddar. Certified organic by QAI. Convenience Without Compromise®. Organic pasta made in USA or Italy. Chreese ® and Road's End Organics® are registered trademarks of Edward & Sons Trading Co., Inc. ©2012 Edward & Sons Trading Co., Inc. Printed with plant-based inks. 100% Recycled Paperboard®. Reduce, reuse. Recycle.