Royal Hawaiian Macadamia Milk, Unsweetened, Vanilla

Creamy non-dairy nut milk beverage. 35 Calories: 50% less calories than milk (1 cup of milk contains 102 calories vs Royal Hawaiian Orchards Vanilla Unsweetened Macadamia milk contains 35 calories. Milk data from USDA National nutrient database for standard reference, release 27 [2014]); 50% more calcium than milk (Royal Hawaiian Vanilla Unsweetened: 50% DV of calcium vs 30% DV in skim dairy milk. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 26. Data consistent with typical skim dairy milk). Non GMO Project verified. Live long. Live well. Live aloha. Vegan. Dairy free. Soy free. Lactose free. Cholesterol free. No peanuts. Casein free. Gluten free. No eggs. No MSG. An excellent source of vitamin E. Made from real macadamias. Low glycemic index (GI). Macadamias from the Royal Hawaiian Orchards have been locally grown and cultivated in Hilo, Hawaii for over 40 years. Sustainably-grown and nurtured in land rich with lava rock from our local volcanoes. The Crunch You Love is Now the Drink You Crave: The buttery, creamy taste of Royal Hawaiian macadamias. The subtly sweet flavor of vanilla. Now you can enjoy the best of both with this delicious beverage. Pour it over your cereal, add it to your coffee or enjoy it over ice. With only 1/3 the calories of regular milk, it's a delightful dairy alternative for your favorite recipes, too. Live Social: Twitter; Facebook.