Sahale Snack Better Sahale Crunchers Fruit & Almond Snack, Cranberries, Sesame Seeds + Honey

Also adds a crunchy zing to salads, yogurt, oatmeal + honey. With cranberries, sesame seeds + honey. Light, crispy, and intensely flavorful, our Sahale Crunchers are the perfect handful of snacking goodness. We combine roasted sliced almonds with dried cranberries and sesame seeds. The mix is lightly glazed with honey and then finished with pure ground Madagascar vanilla bean. This amazingly great tasting snack also adds a crunchy zing to salads, yogurt, oatmeal, or ice cream. We founded Sahale Snacks on a simple idea: take delicious ingredients, add a dash of culinary magic, and create great tasting snacks. It started with a climb up Mt. Rainier in Washington State. We had beautiful views but nothing delicious to eat. Inspired by our experience, we created Sahale Snacks - extraordinary flavors, good for you, and easy to take with you anywhere. Snack Better Promise: No artificial flavors; No artificial colors; No preservatives; Dry roasted nuts. To learn more: - Josh, Edmond. Product of USA.