Saugy Frankfurts

Gluten free. Natural casing snap. Since 1869. 150th anniversary. Treasured family recipe. Established in 1869, Saugy Inc. is one of the oldest companies in New England. The story begins with the Sangy family who immigrated from Germany in the 1860's. Tradition holds that Peter and Lena Saugy began making sausages using their treasured family recipes in their kitchen in the Edgewood neighborhood of Cranston RI. By 1892 Saugy, Inc., became a staple in Providence and took up the whole corner of Smith and Canal streets. During this time ingredients arrived by boat via the canals, by horse drawn wagon from local farms, by railroad & finally by refrigerated truck, During World War II, Saugy Inc., closed its doors, and was rescued by three former employees a year later. My grandfather, Leo McCaughey became sole owner and CEO, after working his way up from Saugy wagon driver in 1912. The company has been in our family ever since. This year we are celebrating our 150th anniversary. Keeping a tradition alive is worth every effort when loyal customers continue to stand by a product that their families have been enjoying for over a century. Here's to 150 more! Thank you, Mary O'Brien Saugy Inc., President. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. saugy franks. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram.