Orca Bay Seafoods Flounder, Wild Caught

Mild & delicate fillets. All natural seafood. 17 g protein. Low in fat. 277 mg omega-3. Common sense seafood. See back panel. Create this recipe. See back panel. This delicate Flounder fillets are boneless, ivory-white & deliciously versatile. The thin profile of these cuts makes for fast preparation & the gentle flavor of Flounder lets it sparkle in so many recipes. Lightly breaded and fried is a traditional delight. Cream sauces & citrus flavors let the subtle notes of Flounder simmer to the surface. And a rolled fillet can enclose all kinds of savory fillings. Enjoy an all natural seafood selection harvested from healthy stocks. Discover more recipe ideas & see our full line of all natural seafood selections at orcabayseafoods.com. We welcome your comments 1-800-932-ORCA. HACCP: Packed an inspected under HACCP Guidelines. It's as simple as black & white! Make the Orca Bay whale your guide to delicious seafood choices, 100% free of artificial preservatives, colors or trans fat. Let 2 servings of all natural seafood a week put your diet on a healthy course while opening up a world of great tasting, memorable meals. Visit us at orcabayseafoods.com. What is common sense seafood? Simply put, it's our dedication to responsible stewardship & wise business practices. It means targeting well-managed fisheries that are built for the long run. It means partnering with quality minded providers whose ethics are in tune with ours. It's our fairness-based approach that embraces the fact that our business health goes hand in hand with the health of our oceans. Scan this QR code with your smart phone to discover more about this product. Product of China.