Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO with 2'-FL HMO Infant Formula with Iron Ready-to-Feed 2 fl oz Bottles

Similac Advance Newborn bottles are the same bottles used in hospitals- The Perfect Bottle® for your new baby.• Easy to use: no mixing or measuring.• Convenient, no-mess nighttime feedings.• Safety-sealed and perfectly sized for your newborn. Should you choose to introduce formula, our ideal formula has:• Prebiotics (GOS) for softer stools, more like those of breastfeeding babies.• Vitamin E, an important nutrient found in breast milk to support developing cells.• DHA and ARA for brain and eye development.• Nucleotides to help support the immune system.• Lutein to support eye health. Birth-12 Months #1 Brand Fed in Hospitals Closer Then Ever to Breast Milk The Perfect Bottle® Complete Nutrition For Your Baby's 1st Year OptiGRO™ DHA for the Brain, Lutein for Eyes, Vitamin E for Development Milk-Based