South River Miso, Sweet White

Certified organic. Traditionally wood-fire & unpasteurized. Nourishing life for the human spirit since 1979. Aged in wood (Aged for a minimum of 3 weeks). Popular for its gentle flavor and smooth creamy texture, Sweet White Miso can be used to create delicious spreads and dips, sauces and dressing, or for seasoning light soups. USDA organic. Certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers. Glass packaging insures the purity of our product. No GMOs. Unpasteurized. South River Miso produces the only unpasteurized, certified organic Sweet White Miso that is aged in wood and hand-crafted in the centuries-old Japanese farmhouse tradition. Central to our process is the long, slow cooking of the soybeans by wood fire with massive masonry stove. The cooked beans and cultured rice are then mixed together and pureed before aging. Sweet White Miso has been popular for centuries in the Kyoto region of Japan. Of all the varieties of miso it is lowest in salt (4-5%). - Christian and Gaella Elwell. For more recipes please visit