Stahlbush Island Farms Health Berry Blend

Sustainable farming. Earth friendly agriculture. 100% biodegradable package. Special harvest. Farm fresh taste. Featuring black raspberries. A Real Family-Farm in Oregon: Stahlbush Island Farms, located in Oregon's lush Willamette Valley, uses environmentally friendly farming methods for growing the highest quality fruits and vegetables available. Our Commitment to Sustainability: During each growing season we make the soil healthier and the ground water cleaner for future generations. We're dedicated to sustainable agricultural methods that benefit everyone. For instance, we: ban GMOs; promote biodiversity; protect wildlife habitats; rotate crops for plant health; uphold the very highest food safety standards; grow cover crops to enrich soil. We Even Make Our Own Electricity! After every harvest we add the remaining fruit and vegetable material to our Biogas Plant, the first-of-its kind in North America. This plant produces green energy for everything we do. To learn more about how we help Planet Earth, visit Health Berries - A Blend Like No Other: We selected the berries richest in color and highest in antioxidants to include in this super-premium blend of Marion blackberries, blueberries and black raspberries. Featuring the precious black raspberry, this medley of deep-violet colored (Why berry color matters: Anthocyanins are plant nutrients that give foods like black raspberries their intense dark color. The berries in this bag naturally contain levels of anthocyanins that are among the highest levels to be found in any food on the planet.) berries is the first of its kind: antioxidant (Antioxidant levels indicate a food's ability to absorb oxygen free radicals and can be measured by looking at the food's ORAC value. When compared to other foods, the berries in Stahlbush Island Farms' Health Berry Blend have extremely high ORAC values. For example, ORAC value in umol TE per gram: black raspberries 77, blackberries 28, blueberries 24, strawberries 15, bananas 3, and apples 3. (Courtesy of - packed, sustainably grown in the USA. From our farm, to your health! Great Ways to Enjoy: Sprinkle on yogurt, cereal or ice cream. Blend into smoothies for a revitalizing boost of flavor, or eat straight out of the bag as a healthy snack. To learn more about our family farm and discover delicious recipes using our products, visit Made with Green Energy. Non GMO Project. Verified. Sustainably grown in the USA. Product of USA.