Stahlbush Island Farms Mixed Vegetables, Classic

Sustainable farming. Earth friendly agriculture. 100% biodegradable package. Farm fresh taste. A Real Family Farm in Oregon: Stahlbush Island Farms, located in Oregon's lush Willamette Valley, uses environmentally friendly, farming methods for growing the highest quality fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains available. Our Commitment to Sustainability: During each growing season we make the soil healthier and the ground water cleaner for future generations. We're dedicated to sustainable agricultural methods that benefit everyone. For instance, we: ban GMOs; promote biodiversity; protect wildlife habitats; rotate crops for plant health; uphold the very highest food safety standards; grow cover crops to enrich-soil. We Even Make Our Own Electricity! After every harvest we add the remaining fruit, vegetable, legume and grain material to our Biogas Plant, the first-of-its kind in North America. This plant produces green energy for everything we do. To learn more about how we help Planet Earth, visit A Classic Favorite: Corn, peas and carrots in this jewel-like blend make a perfect side dish on your dinner plate. Flash frozen straight from the field, these vegetables are 100% pure, natural and delicious. Great Ways to Enjoy: Wonderful added to soups, stews and pot pies, or thawed and sprinkled on salad. Made with green energy. Non GMO Project verified. Sustainably grown in the USA. Product of USA.