Sunniland Professional Fertilizer, Turf, 16-0-8

Covers 11,000 square feet. Fast greening of lawn combined with extra long feeding. Potassium enriched formula for added strength and root growth. Contains micro-nutrients and iron for luscious turf color and heartiness. Driven by Duration CR. Controlled-release fertilizer. Engineered for performance! Poly Coated XCU Technology. 50% slow release nitrogen BMP complaint. 4 up to months feeding. Manufactured for Sunniland Corporation by: EPA Est. No. 59144-GA-1(A), 32802-MO-I(B), 37351- CO-1(C), 8378-IN-I(D), 961-PA-01(F), 961-IL-01(G), 35497-OR-1(H), 49991-TX-2(Q). This product is sold as is, manufacturer makes no warranties, express or implied. In no event shall manufacturer be held liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind. Buyer assumes all risks of use, storage and handling of this product.