Tastykake Spice Kake Krimpets - 12 CT

Tastykake® Spice Kake Krimpets®. Limited edition! Baked fresh! 12 spice cakes with buttercream icing. Baked fresh! What is it about Tastykake Krimpets® that make them so irresistible We think it's the fresh baked deliciousness - not to mention the perfect combination of creamy icing and moist cake! Tastykakes have been baked fresh daily and delivered to your local store for nearly 100 years. *We know our consumers trust that our products taste fresh every time - and we guarantee it! The Tastykake guarantee: Tastykake products are made to taste great. If not satisfied, full refund guaranteed with proof of purchase, code, and reason for dissatisfaction. Freshness assured through date on package. 100% Recyclable carton recycling programs for this package may not exist in your area. Baked in a green building. Send Tastykakes anywhere: www.tastykake.com. Bakery confectionery. Union made BCTGM. Tobacco workers & grain millers. AFL-CIO. CLC www.tastykake.com/green. Questions or comments: 1-800-24-TASTY. Send Tastykakes anywhere: 1-800-33-TASTY or go to www.tastykake.com.