Tide + Coldwater Clean Laundry Detergent Fresh Scent

Tide Fresh Scent Cold Water Clean Laundry Detergent. My tide. Switch & save 50% on energy bills*. *Switching loads from warm to cold. H-E. 48 loads. 2.72 L (2.87 US qt) 92 fl oz. Cleans. Freshens. Whitens. Brightens. Plus more. Cold water. Cleaning power*. Follow care label Instructions, then sort. Test Inside seam for colorfastness. Medium loads. Large loads. Add detergent, than add clothes. *vs base Tide. Contains 48 loads as measured to line 2 on cap. Bottle made from 25% or more post-consumer recycled plastic. Contains no phosphate. Question 1-800-879-8433. Visit www.tide.com. 2014 P&G.