Tph By Taraji Conditioner, Mint Condition

Vegan. A tangling scalp conditioner. Replenish. Soften. Moisturize. All hair type. Minty freshness guaranteed. You're already applying moisturizer to your face, so why are you ignoring your scalp? Mint Condition aids thirsty and dry scalps (especially scalps under weaves and in braids!), helping them feel more refreshed and moisturized. Formulated to quickly absorb, the tri-touch applicator gets in deep to help seal in moisture without leaving product buildup behind. Use after Master Cleanse or whenever you need to bring your scalp back to its most pristine state. Infused with aloe, shea butter, eucalyptus oil, and peppermint. SLS/SLES Free. Phthalate Free. Paraben Free. Mineral Oil Free. Cruelty free. Made in USA.