Treeline Nut Cheese, Soft French-Style, Scallion

Made from fine cashew nuts. Lactose free. Non-dairy. Soy free. Probiotic. Vegan. No lactose, gluten or soy. Soft French-style Treenut cheese made from fine cashew nuts & real scallions. A creamy, tangy, non-dairy soft cheese (100% vegan) made from fine cultured cashews. Enjoy on crackers, a bagel or crusty bread. Serve as a party dip. Put a dollop on a baked potato. All Treeline cheeses are dairy-free and gluten-free. They are rich in probiotics and contain no lactose, cholesterol, palm oil or soy. Made at a facility that does not process dairy, eggs, meat, fish or shellfish, and never will.