Uncle Dougie's Sweet n' Snappy Small Batch Barbecue Sauce

Uncle Dougie's® Sweet n' Snappy Small Batch Barbecue Sauce. New look! Same dougie! 100% natural. Gluten free. Award-winning taste without the award-winning chemicals. It takes a great sauce to win 1st place in the Kansas City BBQ, and we did it without cutting any corners. Uncle Dougie's sensual, seductively sweet n' snappy barbecue sauce got there the good way. Respect your meat. You put a lot of thought into your meat selection. So don't choose that perfect cut from the meatcase and then pour high-fructose crap all over it! Respect your meat, and it'll respect you back. Small-batch. Hand-crafted quality. No cheap corporate shortcuts. 100% natural. Gluten-free. 100% USA ingredients. No high-fructose corn syrup. No MSG. No preservatives. Uncle Dougie's: food for foodies. Spicemaster and fellow foodie, Uncle Dougie has been wowing tastebuds for more than 20 years with his naturally-delicious concoctions. Dougie's uncompromising approach to quality and craftsmanship goes into every product he makes. Join Dougie's foodie nation! Follow Dougie for recipes, cooking tips and lots more. Say it loud: we're clean label and proud! Take a dip with Uncle Dougie! Want an awesome dipping sauce that'll go with all your favorite appetizers Just add a few tablespoons of Uncle Dougie's sweet n' snappy BBQ sauce to a cup of mayo or your favorite creamy salad dressing and whammo! originaluncledougies.com.