Veneto Cafe Coffee, Organic, Colombian, Cups

100% organic Colombian, arabica coffee with a fruitful acidity, medium body, and slight caramel notes. USDA Organic. Cafe de Colombia (Trademark registered by the Colombia Coffee Growers Federation-FoNC). About Veneto Cafe: The name Veneto is a nod to the Venetian traders, once among the most powerful on earth, who brought coffee to Europe in the 17th century. The explosion of artistic and intellectual thought that then bloomed across Europe alongside the spread of coffee during the renaissance, and later the enlightenment, brought with it advances in science, politics and culture that radically pushed forward the arc of human achievement. This same intrepid spirit of exchange and discovery that altered the course of world events is what inspires our process. Like the Venetians who set sail across the world in search of new goods and ideas centuries ago, we spend 365 days a year exploring the vast. Untouched wilderness of Colombia's coffee-growing regions. Cafe Veneto's mission is to blend the virtues of old world tradition and new world inventiveness to pioneer a new wave of coffee for the 21st century. Single serve cups for use by Owners of Keurig K-Cup Machines. This package is made from 100% recycled paperboard. Product of Colombia. Roasted and packed in origin.