Waterwipes Baby Wipes

6.4 x 7.3 in (16.2 x 18.5 cm). The world's purest baby wipes. 99.9% water & a drop of fruit extract. When our daughter was born, she developed bad diaper rash on her sensitive skin. I wanted to find out why. When I looked at the wipes we were using, I was shocked to learn how many chemicals we were putting on her delicate skin. There had to be a better option, so I set about creating a safe and pure alternative. Years later, after a lot of testing and scientific research, the perfect baby wipes, WaterWipes were born. Pure, gentle and safe for the most delicate skin, yet as convenient as a regular baby wipe. Every day around the world, new parents are discovering the benefits of our gentle and safe WaterWipes for their baby's skin, I hope you like them too. - Edward McCloskey, WaterWipes Creator. National Eczema Association Accepted. nationaleczema.org. Find out more at www.waterwipes.com/US/faq. Made in Ireland.