Alter Eco Dark Blackout Organic Chocolate

Alter Eco® Dark Blackout Organic Chocolate. Gluten free. Soy free. Non-GMO. 85% cocoa. Bittersweet cocoa. Deep fruity intensity. Cauba. USDA organic. Fair Trade Certified™. Dark blackout chocolate. Vegan. No artificial flavors. No emulsifiers. Pitch perfect dark: A seriously dark bar for those who are serious about chocolate. Our fair trade organic cacao goes straight from the Ecuadorian coast into the hands of expert Swiss chocolatiers, who meticulously roast and conch to balance fruity depth with a round, smooth, creamy finish. At 85% cacao, this intense concoction will satisfy your chocolate craving while serving up a delicious dose of antioxidants. Nourishing foodie, farmer and field: As committed food activists, we travel far and wide to bring you the world's most exotic, delicious, and sustainable foods. To understand our commitment to fair trade and learn what sustainability means to us, visit Your everyday purchase of Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate supports quality products that improves lives and protect the environment. Non GMO project verified. Carbon neutral product. The stories from our cacao partners never cease to inspire. Look inside this box to read about the journey of farmers who gave up illegal coca for prosperous cacao - and reforested the Amazon in the process. *Organic †Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA: Total 100% fair trade ingredients. Cocoa: 85% minimum. Certified organic by QAI. FSC. MIX board.