Ancient Nutrition Keto Feast, Vanilla

Ketogenic balanced shake & meal replacement contains caffeine from coffee cherry. Keto friendly. Paleo friendly. Contains approximately 50 mg of caffeine per serving from Coffee Cherry. Powered by bone broth. Powered by MCTs. Packaged by weight not volume. Some settling may occur. Contains no filler ingredients, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives. Due to seasonality of ingredients, variations in color, taste and aroma may occur. Keto-Balanced Nutrition I Paleo-Friendly 21 Whole Food Fermented Vitamins & Mineral. Get your Feast on with balanced nutrition and a masterfully-constructed combination of Ancient Superfoods geared to support a ketogenic diet and lifestyle! KetoFeast is a delicious shake and meal replacement powered by an impressive list of nutrient-dense foods often missing from our modern diets, including: Bone Broth and Chia; fermented herbs, mushrooms and spices; live probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes; nutrient-dense green foods and sprouts; coconut; and apple cider vinegar. Healthy Weight Management Support. Promotes Healthy Energy. Fermented herbs. Grain free.