Baffles Snack Cluster, Caramel Crunch

The all natural snack cluster. Shockingly delicious. Gluten free. Wheat free. 11 snack clusters. 60 calories. All natural. Gluten free & wheat free. Ok, we know you won't believe us, you've heard it too many times before. Try our new good-for-you snack! It tastes great! - But it never does. We almost gave up our quest for the elusive healthy, delicious snack, too. Until, one day, we found ourselves baffled by our latest creation. Hey, this really tastes good! One delicious flavor led to another and the next thing you know, we had created Baffles. All natural. Gluten free & wheat free. 11 snack clusters = 60 calories. And, we think - shockingly delicious. Product of USA.